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Corrugated Packaging

PalPak is a specialist convertor of corrugated cases in anything from heavy duty to the more conventional corrugated boards

PalPak supplies all types of packaging from simple cartons, to Octabin packs, Aeropal lightweight air freight packs and Rokboxes.

Heavy Duty Corrugated Cases

pic4 Our double wall range is made from a high quality brand and being double fluted offers outstanding protection and durability - Ideal for goods requiring extra protection.

Conventional Corrugated Cases

pic5 We have designed a range of cartons with variable depth so one of our stock cartons will suit a variety of your needs. Ideal for packing goods to be transported by road or air. Manufactured from high quality fluted corrugated board.

Pallet Boxes

pic6 Composite pack with bottom tray mounted on a four way entry timber pallet, with a sleeve and cap. Designed for heavy items. A strong reliable protective means of shipping. The sizes ensure made-up boxes will fit on to containers without any loss of space.

Bespoke Cartons

pic7 PalPak is an expert at sourcing cartons which, by the nature of their size or the print required, are special to individual companies. Print may be applied to the paper before corrugation (pre-print) - after the corrugated has been produced (post-print).

Help is at hand from us who will take you through the various stages in deciding what is right for your product. We will endeavour to help keep your costs down by bulk buying, stockholding, scheduling deliveries, re-engineering your cartons to protect your product efficiently - quality experience just a phone call away.

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